sculpture peintureTeresa KOCHANOWSKA MANOJLOVICsculpture painting


Born in Poland ; has studied at Lodz high school of plastic arts (major subject : sculpture), where she graduated and was prized in sculpture ; in 1970 she went to Paris where she has lived ever since as a passionate of plastic arts. In 1971, she joined the Paris Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts, in the sculpture department, where she studied under the celebrated direction of Etienne Martin and Jean Cadot. In 1975, she obtained both her diploma of the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts and bachelor's degree at Paris-Sorbonne university for the teaching of plastic arts.

Since then she has taken part in a great number of exhibitions in Paris and surroundings, and has been prized in painting as well as sculpture. She has also taught sculpture and painting for many years, and pursues her creative work in her Paris studio. gives you an overview of more than 30 years of artistic creation, and new works of the artist will be presented on the website.


To contact the artist, for any question about one of her works, to order an artwork,
please email to : teresa.manojlovic[|at|]